From the Classroom to the Capitol

About This Episode

Politicians come from all walks of life, bringing their personal experience and background to the table when creating legislation. A voice that is often missing from the discussion on education policy might be the most important; the voice of the teachers. But in Oklahoma, where the state's government has been known to ignore the needs of teachers and parents, some aspiring politicians are looking to change that this November.

In this episode, I talk to three candidates for public office in Oklahoma: Mickey Dollens (State Representative District 93), Forrest Bennett (State Representative District 92), and Judy Mullen Hopper (State Senate District 47). They describe their professional experience as educators and advocates for public education, explain what led them to run for office, discuss the most pressing issues facing Oklahoma's public education system, and offer more details about how they will promote public education and the teaching profession if elected this November.

Dollens, Bennett, and Mullen Hopper aren't the only educators looking to become politicians, though - visit the edWeek article in the show notes below to learn more, or watch the PBS NewsHour segment from October 4th, also linked below.

Also, check out episode 30 of "The edTech Podcast" where host Sophia Bailey interviewed me, Joanna Bersin (Head of Education at Kano Computing), Sam Patterson (Makerspace Coordinator at Echo Horizon School in San Francisco, CA), and Michael Luetjen (Computer Science and edTech Lead Learner at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, FL) to talk about the use of Kano Computer kits (think LEGO + Raspberry Pi) in public libraries, schools, and community centers, and the importance of giving students meaningful opportunities to build and create their own content. And, if for some reason you're still looking to hear more from me, episode 33 of "The edTech Podcast" is live and this time, it's just me and Sophia!


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